Day 58 – Sunday Sunday, how long til Spring?

I need Sundays (and preferably ‘sun’ days) a lot at the moment.  I think it’s just the time of year.  Relax and unwind days spent with friends definitely help. Still very tired after the long and boring drive from France, and so today it was good to kick off the shoes, cook a lasange and … Continue reading

Day 57 – I want to be a Time Traveller…..

How I wish that Dr Who was real, and that time travel was just a case of getting into a TARDIS instead of an A3……. I truly loath the return journeys from holidays.  That final pack up and clean, the squashing of everything into the car, the horror 30 minutes down the road of what … Continue reading

Day 56 – The Big Clean Up

For once we are trying to do the big clean up before we leave, the day before, instead of rushing madly around on the actual day of departure.  It’s not going well so far, as I am more glued to the computer than to the duster.  Hubbie is wielding the vacuum cleaner as I type … Continue reading

Day 55 – Chilling literally, by the beach

There is something about a beach holiday at this time of year that makes you stop and think.  It’s a bit like getting on a plane and spending 12 hrs on a long haul flight where you can do nothing but dream.  At 30000 ft, you are at the mercy of the pilot and his … Continue reading

Day 54 – Brittany Clam Chowder with Cod

We’re on Day 3 of the wet wet wet saga here in Brittany, but that’s how it goes on holiday.  We usually have a couple of good sunny days and a couple of rainy ones, and we’re always keeping fingers crossed that the sun outweighs the rain.  So far; Sun 2, Rain 3.  And we’re … Continue reading

Day 53 – Wet Wet Wet, with Wild Mushroom soup and Steamed Clams with sausage

We got very very very wet yesterday.  Twice.  The first time was due to my determination to go cockling.  I had researched the recipes, the night before, and had even found a version that included sausages to try and convince the kids to eat them.  So in the morning I whipped up a Wild Mushroom … Continue reading

Day 52 – Low Tide

That’s the great thing about anything, there is always an opposite.  So while the house rocks to the waves at High Tide, it soothes and calms us down at Low Tide. Sunday was rather a special Low Tide.  We were rather surprised to see a mass of cars at our favourite beach at Kerleven.  Then … Continue reading

Day 51 – Lobster Thermidor

Last night we treated ourselves to a lobster for dinner.  The fish stall in Trevignon was my starting point to select fish that looked yummy and fresh, and as usual it didn’t fail.  This time I took my trusty Fish Cookery Book from Rick Stein, so that we could pop into the local supermarket on … Continue reading

Day 50 – High tide

After a long and monotonous journey to Brittany, through fog and heavy rain, and after the usual Buffalo Grill dinner on route, we arrived at 2am on saturday morning.  With me swearing never again, as Hubbie was falling asleep behind the wheel,  I had driven virtually the whole route. I had also been on a … Continue reading

Day 49 – a Quickie after Lunch….

Post that is! ………..I’ve been working from home today and set off for France later this afternoon, so have been running round like a mad thing fitting in all last minute work issues and emails, in between finding enough pairs of socks and jumpers.  As ever it’s the point in time that the internet decides … Continue reading