Day 286 – cooking as therapy

I have always found my kitchen a relaxing place to be.  I can get so absorbed in things, chopping, mixing, creating and tasting that hours can fly by on a Sunday afternoon, particularly if the kids are involved.  By Sunday evening it often looks like a bomb has hit it, and I have a sneaking … Continue reading

Day 260 – Sick on a Saturday, no way!

Sitting still, taking it easy, and relaxing are not a natural part of my vocabulary.   I know through previous incidents, that this is the only way to recover, but I am still completely useless at putting theory into practice!  I have this built in, keep going button, that is very difficult to reset at … Continue reading

Day 111 – The things I have to put up with……

I mean, why do I have to share my house with so many little people?  I love my vacations but sorry, on my terms only!  I just want to be able to lounge, snooze, watch the ‘birds’, chase anything that moves, and eat and drink to my heart’s content. This morning was a case point, … Continue reading

Day 58 – Sunday Sunday, how long til Spring?

I need Sundays (and preferably ‘sun’ days) a lot at the moment.  I think it’s just the time of year.  Relax and unwind days spent with friends definitely help. Still very tired after the long and boring drive from France, and so today it was good to kick off the shoes, cook a lasange and … Continue reading

Diet Day 22 – Treetops

My ideal place for relaxation would be way up high.  I have dreamed for years of having a treehouse, of being able to climb up high, reach for the sky, and breathe in the air, relax and unwind.  I tried the excuse of having kids…..’darling, wouldn’t it be fab if they had a treehouse to … Continue reading