Day 149 – Chatelein flea market

A very early start, cold and with the threat of rain in the air. We were ready to go, boxes packed in the car, and a second run waiting in the hall. My daughter and I cycled down at 7am, the boys brought the car, and we unloaded and set up while the vultures circled … Continue reading

Day 150 – Phew, I need to chill!

After such a hectic weekend it was hard to roll out from under the duvet this morning, and leap out of bed. Especially as Hubbie’s alarm had gone off at some unearthly hour as he had an early start to Paris! Kids got to school on time, I drove to Aachen, a little late, and … Continue reading

Day 148 – Super Saturday

Saturday started slowly after a heavy night on the street, literally! It was neighbor day yesterday and our street was closed off for the evening so the kids could skate and cycle, and the adults eat, drink and gossip. Most important priority this morning after the kids tennis, was heading to the Superdry sale at … Continue reading

Day 147 – Trends from Trier……

Our son has arrived home having started another trend at school during his week in Trier.  Some girls discovered the joy of Claire’s Accessories, so my son decided to take a look.  In amongst all the glittering jewels he spotted some retro sunglasses ‘at a good price’.  He bought them when no-one was looking, and … Continue reading

Day 145 – Uh Oh – The Competitive Sport Moms!

As I sit here on a normal Wednesday evening, I wonder how some people tick. I am sweating at the side of the pool, while my daughter swims lap after lap of swim practice. I feel proud, but hormonally hot (not helped by a poolside temperature of 30 degrees!), and after 15 minutes of supportive … Continue reading

Day 146 – The Bike Bug at work

The last couple of weeks have been quite inspiring at work.  We have had our company seminar, putting our company focus back on the ‘Caring’ side of the business and adding an ‘Amazing’ element.  Our VM team has started a personal and team development programme that looks very promising in it’s vision going forward.  And … Continue reading

Day 144 – Etsy lab at Turtlewings, Brussels

Tonight was another great creative opportunity at Turtlewings as Jules, with Anna Denise from the Yellow Umbrella, brought Marta Pakovska from Etsy NL  (my most favourite internet craft shop) to Brussels.  The team were co-hosting an evening introduction to ‘Art Journalling’.  I need no further excuse to convince our student Sophie to babysit, while I … Continue reading

Day 143 – Exaxtly how many versions of the Purl Stitch exist?

I popped into Turtlewings on Thursday lunchtime last week for a few quick knitting tips, knowing that a couple of my knitting pals would be there. You see, I am not back up to the confidence levels of my youth, and cannot always remember the purl stitch, (which to the uni’knit’iated is the reverse side … Continue reading

Day 142 – The ‘not so’ Fantastic Mr Fox…… and how to fortify the Chicken Coop

Can you believe it?  On a quick check of the Chicken Coop this morning, before heading out for the swim meet, we discovered one mauled chicken, a hole under the gate, and no sign of the other two.  Disappeared without trace.  This is the city centre, enclosed and not that green, but we obviously have … Continue reading

Day 141 – chicken run

I felt a little disappointed on my drive home from a two day workshop on personal development and team building, that no one was at the door to greet me. So nobody missed me? As it was a hot day, and I headed straight for the back garden, after putting the BBQ ingredients in the … Continue reading