Day 49 – a Quickie after Lunch….

Flag of Brittany (Gwenn ha du)

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Post that is! ………..I’ve been working from home today and set off for France later this afternoon, so have been running round like a mad thing fitting in all last minute work issues and emails, in between finding enough pairs of socks and jumpers.  As ever it’s the point in time that the internet decides to take a day off, and I’ve been logged out of the work server more times than I’ve been in it.  As I wait for it to crank up one last time, I thought I’d shoot off my super quick blog of the day.  Tonight will be the long long drive to Brittany, kids plugged into a film, Hubbie snoring on the passenger seat, and me peering into the gloom and trying to relieve the boredom of the motorway drive.  I’ve filled the Ipod with my usual podcasts, so everyone will just have to put up with 8 hrs of Womens Hour and Friday night comedy from BBC Radio 4, and if I’m feeling really mean they’ll suffer with The Archers too!! watch out for the road rage argument update tomorrow……..   860 kms to go

One Response to “Day 49 – a Quickie after Lunch….”
  1. julie anne says:

    Have a great trip! Thanks for a wonderful lunch, between all the madness. It hit the spot!

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