Year 3 – the beginning of Spring

6th March 2016 I am writing this as I sit at the end of a bed. Well actually it feels like more like, at end of my world. Again. This year, at the beginning of March, I’m listening to my Dad struggle between gurgling deep breaths and soft imperceptibly light breathing. His hands are getting … Continue reading

Monsieur @ Parc de St-Cloud

This was one of the highlights of our trip to Paris last week.  At the recommendation of Marc and Rosanna, our Parisian side of the family, we headed into the Park St-Cloud on a balmy Friday evening. St Cloud is a classic park overlooking Paris and was the site of an old Monastry founded by … Continue reading

Day 359 – Christmas Day with ‘het familie’

Sunday 25th December 2011. Christmas Day started at 8am as the kids are well trained by now (particularly if you keep them up late the night before, which needs no encouragement!).  A rather loud banging at the front of the house surprised us as we came upstairs, and we pulled back the curtains to find … Continue reading

Day 276 – Happy Mondays no. 3

Exercise Our body and our mind are connected. Being active makes us happier as well as being good for our physical health. It instantly improves our mood and can even lift us out of a depression. We don’t all need to run marathons – there are simple things we can all do to be more … Continue reading

Day 269 – Happy Mondays no.2

….. Relating People with strong and broad social relationships are happier, healthier and live longer. Close relationships with family and friends provide love, meaning, support and increase our feelings of self worth. Broader networks bring a sense of belonging. So taking action to strengthen our relationships and build connections is essential for happiness. via Action for Happiness. … Continue reading

Day 220 – Thought for the day……. Never underestimate your Mum, or your Son!

At dinner tonight, my mum said ‘ if you over discipline the children, they’ll rebel as teenagers’ I think I just got told off for giving the kids a long list of things they had to do tomorrow……was that really my Mum?  My Dad nearly fell off the chair at the memories of my teenage … Continue reading

Day 138 – the family slip ups……

The usual family catastrophes always strike when you don’t have time to deal with them. And in our family they are usually centered on the fact that one of us (no blame here as it’s been equal over the last 2 days to be honest), has not reminded (or nagged depending on your viewpoint) the … Continue reading

Day 130 – my beloved Duvet Daughter….

Life around here often means that we help out friends when they need to travel for work, and vice-versa.  As most of us don’t have a family network to fall back on. it’s lovely to be in the position to help and to be able to ask for help, and I enjoy having extra kids … Continue reading

Day 129 – Hard line parenting

Yes, we’ve all been there.  Do we spare the rod and spoil the child?  Do we nurture and encourage or drive and demand? I’ve always shied away from the routine/discipline/driven approach and believed that a creative and caring environment will win out in the end.  A little discipline is not a bad thing, but not … Continue reading

Day 90 – The Family returned….

What a relief, I’m through 25% of the year, and therefore have only 75% to go.  No this is not some mad wish to get to New Years Eve 2011, but the fact that I’ve managed to write a daily blog for 90 days.  It’s still hard on some days, but the feedback keeps you … Continue reading