Day 52 – Low Tide

That’s the great thing about anything, there is always an opposite.  So while the house rocks to the waves at High Tide, it soothes and calms us down at Low Tide.

Sunday was rather a special Low Tide.  We were rather surprised to see a mass of cars at our favourite beach at Kerleven.  Then realised, as everyone left their cars in wellies, with buckets and rakes, it was obviously a cockling party day!  The beach was packed.  And chatting to the local owner of the beach restaurant, we got to understand why.  Super low tides (after a high one) mean super cockles unmasked in the sand at a level you can’t normally reach at this time of year.

So I know exactly where I’m off to tomorrow afternoon, as tonights’ high tide was higher and more fierce than yesterdays.  So I’m reckoning on a bumper harvest while all the french are working hard tomorrow, and a special cockle soup tomorrow night for dinner.  Yum!!

This weekend has seen the tides in Concarneau go from a high of 5.5m and a low of 0.5m, compared to next weekends predictions of a high of 3.7m and a low of 2.10m.  That’s a huge difference! and all down to the full moon on the 18th of this month ……. basically we have high tides twice a month, at full moon and new moon, but this can also be influenced by stormy weather and atmospheric pressure.


And just to finish off, these are the recipes I fancy trying tomorrow;


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