Life after Lizzi

Just over 2 years ago I posted my dream list of things to do before my 50th birthday. I thought most were attainable, realistic, and a few a bit over the top (like swimming 50m butterfly which I now have to admit will NEVER happen!). But little did I know how much my world would … Continue reading

Happy Valentine’s!

  ♥ late, February 14th 2012 Just had a fabulous evening with the Curti’s, an Italian swim family (ie they suffer the same early starts as we do!).  Great to enjoy a romantic evening with all the kids (5 in total) but not sure how many will be up and smiling in 6 hours for … Continue reading

Day 334 – Nice Stuff.. on a normal day

Wednesday 30th November 2011 Nice stuff has happened today (it’s great focusing on the small acts of kindness rather than worrying about the bigger picture some times!).  Must be as a result of all our positive thinking and being nice to each other and others too!! First off, Jojo has been looking so cuddly today, … Continue reading

Day 337 – the long drive to Luxembourg, and the fast dash back for Dinner!

Omg! Another early start! This time the kids needed to be at school by 7.15am as the bus was leaving for their first swim meet, in Luxembourg.  Cheerleading parents needed to follow in the car, but luckily we managed to hang out at home and have a leisurely breakfast before leaving. The drive was horrible. … Continue reading

Day 317 – Helen’s honey, mustard and crème fraîche chicken!

Sunday 13th November 2011 My good friend Helen, on hearing of our weekend plight (namely France cancelled and super cleaning spree organised instead!), took pity on my smelly cold and grumpy mood, and invited us for Sunday lunch and afternoon boardgames!.  As promised, she cooked up a treat, superbly presented and delicious, and on checking … Continue reading

Day 293 – etiquette

Ok, not sure about this one (the jury is still out)…. Is it the correct etiquette to buy your wine from a machine by the glass, with a plastic card you pre-load with money? Looks cool and groovy but dangerous……..5 euro a glass bottles sit next to 42 euros a glass! One too many and … Continue reading

Day 211 – the almost nearly last day of the holiday…….

These are the days that make it all worth while. When I look back on the photo’s over the years in Concarneau, even before we had the Beach House (ie the caravan days which stretch from 2003 to 2007), it’s the lazy hazy days of sunshine and friends that make up all the good times. … Continue reading

Day 112 – foraging for Oysters…..

We hit low tide here at 2.39 this afternoon, so the Big Boys headed out for Oyster rocks, our favourite off beach location for foraging Oysters and Mussels.  Their return was triumphant, a whole tub of oysters and seaweed for our BBQ feast tonight.  Rog & Carol were already here in Brittany, Pieter, Jules and … Continue reading

Day 86 – Exhibited… A certain fondness for peculiar animals

Glennis has always been a good friend….. with a penchance for peculiar animals, we discovered this weekend.   Enjoy the photo’s!   Proof that we enjoyed ourselves, shopped, walked a lot and did a little culture (honestly, the camera battery ran out at that point!) ……….  from good friends together at last, who are already planning … Continue reading

Day 73 – A Most Unusual Gin

Most of my friends and family know of my love of Gin and Tonic, which is only equaled by a more expensive but equally passionate love of Champagne (hence the photo at the top of our blog after a certain very special party!).  So when I entered into a chat on Facebook a few weeks … Continue reading