Birthday surprises……

April 21st 2012 Don’t you just LOVE Birthday surprises!  Even the simplest thought well executed with love, makes me go all tingly. This weekend just got better and better as it went on………. Flowers and presents yesterday evening   I just love the little trinkets that come from Tiffany’s (thank god for ave Louise, saves … Continue reading

Day 286 – cooking as therapy

I have always found my kitchen a relaxing place to be.  I can get so absorbed in things, chopping, mixing, creating and tasting that hours can fly by on a Sunday afternoon, particularly if the kids are involved.  By Sunday evening it often looks like a bomb has hit it, and I have a sneaking … Continue reading

Day 263 – 10pm Muffins

Sometimes I’m so buzzing with energy in the evening, with so many thoughts overloading my brain, that I know sleep is still quite a few hours away. At that point it’s best to just go with the flow and follow whatever I fancy doing (providing of course that it is legal!). Last night it was … Continue reading

Day 237 – the Party cake and a special Present…..

It was Hubbie’s birthday today and as he was travelling all week and back late tonight, we wanted to do something a little special as a surprise for him.  The kids voted of course, to bake a cake.  But not any old cake, it had to be Jamie Olivers Party Cake (from ‘The Return of … Continue reading

Day 170 – the British Breakfast at last!

  Sunday started with the arrival of the 6th egg!  Bingo, now we can fry up an English Breakfast. There is definitely something super special about eating eggs fresh from your own chickens, the yolks almost glow orange, and the whites are super firm and yummy!  I would definitely recommend getting your own, as nothing … Continue reading

Day 117 – BFF’s with the next door neighbours! – celebrated with stir-fried salt and pepper squid….

I have quietly simmered away for the last 6 months.  We arrived here in October (to be more precise, at Halloween) to discover our french next door neighbours had erected yet another shed in their back yard, this time over 2 foot higher than our fence and painted a hideous blue and white with a … Continue reading

Day 102 – Shepherd’s Pie with Parsnip and Potato Mash

Although Summer (ok, the reality is Spring, but I like to dream!), has officially arrived, the weather (and the veg delivery boxes) don’t always remain consistent in their content.  So today was 10 degrees, and I had parsnips in my fridge left over from my delivery last week.  In this weather, I don’t feel like … Continue reading

Day 79 – Projectile Vomiting during the Sunday Roast

This afternoon did not go exactly to plan.  As you know, I was managing a rather heavy hangover after a very late night on Saturday.  I slaved over a hot stove, for 2 and a 1/2 hours, with a number of fresh air breaks on the terrace, and numerous cans of tonic water.  I was … Continue reading

Day 76 – Chicken Wraps with Shiitake Mushrooms

Wednesday nights are my ‘leftovers lurking in the fridge’ night.  It’s the evening before the next veggie bio box delivery, and it’s the night I check what really needs to be cooked up and used.  Often soup is the order of the day, but this Wednesday I was inspired to do something more exciting with … Continue reading

Day 54 – Brittany Clam Chowder with Cod

We’re on Day 3 of the wet wet wet saga here in Brittany, but that’s how it goes on holiday.  We usually have a couple of good sunny days and a couple of rainy ones, and we’re always keeping fingers crossed that the sun outweighs the rain.  So far; Sun 2, Rain 3.  And we’re … Continue reading