Day 56 – The Big Clean Up

"The Dedusting Pump", later known as...

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For once we are trying to do the big clean up before we leave, the day before, instead of rushing madly around on the actual day of departure.  It’s not going well so far, as I am more glued to the computer than to the duster.  Hubbie is wielding the vacuum cleaner as I type (a form of power tool I’m sure in his mind), which only serves to make me feel guilty and force me towards the sink to retrieve the cleaning products.  It’s only a small space, and we leave a lot here each time, but it’s unbelievable the amount of stuff we still manage to cart backwards and forwards, including kids and a cat!.  This time was better controlled due to the space restriction of my car, and the fact that I had to pack it (and was scared stiff how I would get my usual collection of stuff in).  But I still have a natural aversion to stuffing things in a suitcase, and wish you could just open the case and everything relevant leaps in on it’s own.  So here goes, I’ll sign off and report back later……… (12:00 noon)

It’s now early evening, and the job is almost done.  We even managed a swim again at the local pool this afternoon and a quick beer with Janine and Charles.  Our kids waveboarded as we chilled, and we’re now looking forward to relaxing tonight at a local creperie, and back to Brussels tomorrow.  Mission accomplished.

Au revoir!  Here’s to a hopefully Bon Voyage tomorrow!

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