Day 48 for me – 249 days for Belgium – A World Record!

… Ten things Belgium is famous for…… … Beer Frites Chocolate TinTin (Herge) Mannekin Pis Atomium Jean-Claude Van Damme Jacques Brel Justine Henin and….. Yes, we did it! Today Belgium hit the record books, taking the World Record for the Country without Government for the longest time period, ever. Impressive eh?  Although in this country, … Continue reading

Day 47 – Colour my mood Yellow!

Its incredible how a colour, or atmosphere created by colour can generate your mood, or feel like it reflects it.  Today the sun was shining in Brussels, and the yellow, bright tones that it created through the city already lifted the majority of it’s inhabitants.  I had the feeling that road rage was lower, the … Continue reading

Day 46 – Relief

I know a lot of people where I work, today, felt one very common thought.  One of relief.  We lived through 18 months and 14 days of disbelief.  A lot of grey clouds, dark clouds, storms and turmoil.  And a common feeling that why doesn’t anybody do anything about it. Actually when you looked inwards, … Continue reading

Day 45 – Happy Valentine’s with Honeysuckle!

I had to get away from Grey after last Saturdays Blues, so what better day to try to find a new colour to lift up your life, than on Valentine’s! Searching on the internet, I was drawn towards Pantone‘s colour of the year.  A colour the “Style Guru’s” have chosen as the most fashionable and … Continue reading

Day 44 – Our Sunday Walks

There is one great thing about Sundays in Brussels, you cannot do anything commercial.  You cannot shop in the High Street or the Shopping Malls.  You cannot do DIY, you cannot cut your grass or go to the Garden Centre, so therefore you cannot do anything but CHILL (or do something that involves croissants and … Continue reading

Day 43 – Life feels too grey today…..

It’s nearly mid February, and I feel that familiar grey cloud fogging my brain.  I can’t shake the feeling of grey skies, grey thoughts and grey moods.  Sometimes the bleak skies of Brussels just adds to that feeling of helplessness.  I know we are close to our holidays, but even dragging myself through one more … Continue reading

Day 42 – Do you believe in Valentine’s day?

…. 5 HOT things……. to LOVE and Adore! with valentines wishes and lots of kisses!!

Day 41 – Some sort of Breakthrough…… what to do next (life beyond a diet!)

41 days of blog writing.  recipes, diet tips, a bit of wisdom and some abstract thoughts.  I guess it all adds up, and I’m glad to see, that almost like a diary, it gives me a chance to reflect on how I am feeling, what I should do, and how I should go about it.  … Continue reading

(Diet) Day 40 – the Mouse Invasion

Actually I’m not even sure if I will sleep tonight.  As under the cover of darkness, the ever daring band of mice are venturing into our home.  Joseph, the cat, is on full alert.  It is that time of year when they creep in seeking shelter from the elements, despite it being the main residence … Continue reading

(Diet) Day 39 – the last of the soup swop recipes!

So the last of the soup swop dishes have gone into the freezer, ready for later this week and next.  One is an old favourite of mine, Carrot and Coriander, the other is Florence’s Carrot and Fennel Soup with Cod and Dill (which personally I’m waiting for a night on my own, when I can … Continue reading