All wrapped up…… I just love pretty packaging!

Ok I admit, I have a huge weakness for pretty packaging.  I’m the one who is more impressed by the ornate wrapping paper than by the gift lying inside.  I’m also the shopper who is totally taken in by the packaging design that wraps up even the most mundane everyday object.  Many a purchase has … Continue reading

Paris, je t’aime!

Love life, and you’ll love Paris! Such joy to jump on a Thalys train and be there in under 2 hours, to walk, look and listen, unwind and enjoy the ‘joie de vivre’. And to indulge in my occasional love affair with my beloved camera………. such moments are just sheer bliss.   Enjoy!….. June 2010

Soup Swop!

Now this is something I really fancy trying out this autumn……….get a group of like-minded individuals together and swop your soup! It sounds such fun, create your favourite recipes in your kitchen, freeze up 4 portions in half litre containers, create some visuals and recipe leaflets to “sell” your soup, and then join an evening … Continue reading

Download the latest trends @ C&A

This is a tribute to a good friend and colleague of mine Yasmina – who has achieved the undeniable act of producing the most unexpected quote of this century “I finally enjoyed a morning shopping with you mum, they’re my type of clothes!”…… From the mouth of a ‘yo boy – I’m so cool at … Continue reading