Day 89 – Sitting here all alone

This is weird, and complicated.  My whole family has disappeared off the face of the earth (may’be a reaction to last night, I ask myself?).  It’s 8.25pm and no-one is home, no-one is answering the gsm’s, and I’m wondering do I, or do I not, cook dinner?  It’s made more complicated by the fact that … Continue reading

Day 88 – Family Focus, The Rules

I think it’s about time that Hubbie and the kids get a little bit more attention from me, after the extravagance of the last weekend, and his attention to detail yesterday evening.  It started well earlier this evening. I had tidied up (the laptops were nowhere to be seen!), started to cook dinner, and unloaded … Continue reading

Day 87 – Doing a Dean….

I must go away on a girls weekend again soon.  First night back in Brussels, and a couple of my girlfriends are coming over for a chill on the sofa and a chat.  My Hubbie has tidied up (ie the dining room table looks like a dining room table and not an office/homework disaster zone).  … Continue reading

Day 86 – Exhibited… A certain fondness for peculiar animals

Glennis has always been a good friend….. with a penchance for peculiar animals, we discovered this weekend.   Enjoy the photo’s!   Proof that we enjoyed ourselves, shopped, walked a lot and did a little culture (honestly, the camera battery ran out at that point!) ……….  from good friends together at last, who are already planning … Continue reading

Day 85 – Stockholm chic

Drastic measures have to be taken in a country where the sun shines but it’s still bloody freezing. But at the same time, it is not possible to lose ones fashion focus at a time like this.  I froze as we trooped around the beautiful old city today, so much so that at one point … Continue reading

Day 84 – Stockholm

Great day had by all.  The sun shone, the shops were brilliant, I still needed my puffa jacket, and Lieve nearly lost hers.  Stockholm in the sunshine is perfect, it is such a beautiful city and very inspiring.  Can’t wait to write up the report, but it’ll have to wait another day as the Girls … Continue reading

Day 83 – Live from Stockholm

There have been long chat mails via the girls this week.  Weather reports said 2 deg in Stockholm, and it was currently 18 deg in Brussels.  Whose mad idea was it to come north at the time of year, when spring is beginning in all other areas of Europe, with a friend who had only … Continue reading

Day 82 – the Reunion

I am getting very excited now about my trip to Stockholm, a perfect mix of business shopping followed by a Girls Weekend. I am also looking forward to one of the real pleasure’s of an Expat life, which we often overlook because of the pain.  I get to meet a good group of friends, in … Continue reading

Day 81 – Dedication to the Cause

The server on WordPress was down last night, and caused a few flutters when I realised that I wouldn’t be able to blog before midnight.  Now I am left with a very quick post before work, when of course your brain freezes on what and how to write!  I guess the sheer panic shows just … Continue reading

Day 80 – Around my blog in 80 days

  I can’t believe I’ve managed 80 days of talking to or about myself, and the things that interest me.  In the beginning, it was a great way of charting the new year’s resolutions, the pain and the glory, and keeping track of my diet recipes.  I was quite surprised how many I managed to … Continue reading