Day 50 – High tide

After a long and monotonous journey to Brittany, through fog and heavy rain, and after the usual Buffalo Grill dinner on route, we arrived at 2am on saturday morning.  With me swearing never again, as Hubbie was falling asleep behind the wheel,  I had driven virtually the whole route. I had also been on a lovely detour just before the French border, as on this trip we were all squeezed into my tiny company car and it needed a refill of fuel before leaving Belgium.  Of course the last 2 petrol stations before entering France did not accept the refuelling card, so determined not to have to use my very limited supply of money, we went off-motorway in search of a station.  Disaster.  Two petrol stations were closed, and after 15 kms more, we found one with a huge queue of farmers waiting to fill their cars with 10 euros of petrol for their friday night out in town!!  That was another hour lost, as the locals were also incredibly slow drivers, and the roads were windy and full of holes.

But yesterday I had to admit it was worth it, as we woke to beautiful sunshine.  A fabulous day for a walk at Trevignon, a small fishing port which combines a great dramatic coastline and a picture perfect fishing village. I was in camera heaven, with a couple of hours walk, finished off with a cold beer and a fishy purchase for dinner.

The most dramatic part of the day however, happened late afternoon while sunbathing on the terrace.  A Spring High tide hit us around 5pm, and produced these wonderful shots………. followed by the same at 5am this morning, which shook the house and kept me awake half the night.  C’est la Vie!

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  1. theteapotperspective says:

    Love this blog Lizzi….am going to put a link to it on my blog page 🙂

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