Day 57 – I want to be a Time Traveller…..

Tardis in the Dark/in black

Image by Boyce Duprey via Flickr

How I wish that Dr Who was real, and that time travel was just a case of getting into a TARDIS instead of an A3…….

I truly loath the return journeys from holidays.  That final pack up and clean, the squashing of everything into the car, the horror 30 minutes down the road of what you forgot (and the fact that 1 hr later it makes no difference, apart from it might smell/rot or create an infestation by the time you return).

Today was one of those days, I hated the journey with a vengeance.   Clouds and rain storms covered the whole journey, we left at lunchtime with prompted the kids to call from the back seat within 15 mins, ‘when do we stop for lunch?’ and I couldn’t shake the feeling that the holiday had not been as relaxing as I would have liked.

But it was unfortunately time to go home, and at that point, don’t you just wish that you could call up the Master Time Traveller to send you back to 5 minutes later to your home town, instead of having to spend 8 hours staring at the road ahead of you.  The only good thing today, was that  it was clear of cars, as everyone in France was obviously watching the rugby, and then was too embarassed to come out to play!! (tee hee…. 17-9!)

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