Day 291 – Soup ‘n cookies……

I know it sounds like a very strange combo, but last nights supper was this hugely yummy soup with garlic bread (an absolute must in this house if you have a day or two old baguette hanging around), followed by Hubbie and I cooking cookies after bedtime for packed lunch boxes today. True love! ….. … Continue reading

Day 68 – Winter Warming Soup

For those with a nervous disposition, don’t read further…… The description of my night from hell, is not pretty.  I sneezed, dripped, throbbed and ached throughout the night.  Ranging from hot sweats to cold shivers.  My throat closed up, my lips turned to parchment, and my head felt like it was about to explode.  I … Continue reading

Day 54 – Brittany Clam Chowder with Cod

We’re on Day 3 of the wet wet wet saga here in Brittany, but that’s how it goes on holiday.  We usually have a couple of good sunny days and a couple of rainy ones, and we’re always keeping fingers crossed that the sun outweighs the rain.  So far; Sun 2, Rain 3.  And we’re … Continue reading

Day 53 – Wet Wet Wet, with Wild Mushroom soup and Steamed Clams with sausage

We got very very very wet yesterday.  Twice.  The first time was due to my determination to go cockling.  I had researched the recipes, the night before, and had even found a version that included sausages to try and convince the kids to eat them.  So in the morning I whipped up a Wild Mushroom … Continue reading

(Diet) Day 38 – Creamy Broccoli Soup!

Tonight is a quick turnaround night.  After such an early start for my daughters swim team this morning, we’re all exhausted, and in need of fast nourishment. Jules’ broccoli and cheese soup hit the mark, with some crusty bread it was delicious.  The kids finished off with some of Hubbie’s speculoos crumble left over from … Continue reading

(Diet) Day 36 – Soup for lunch and some of the Soup Swop recipes!

The great thing about a soup swop is that you get up the next morning and open your fridge to containers of yummy soup.  The kids groaned at the thought of numerous liquid lunches looming ahead, and suggested next time, it should be a pizza swop or a cup cake swop! But in the end, … Continue reading

(Diet) Day 34 – The night before the Soup Swop…..

Suddenly the Brussels Soup Swop has crept up on us all.  Tomorrow, or as I sit here at 1.15am, actually today, has arrived rather quicker than we thought.  That means in certain kitchens in Brussels tonight, there has been a mild case of panic, sometimes bordering on histeria, creeping into family life.  Yes, we really … Continue reading

Diet Day 23 – Organising the Soup Swop

I am really excited.  Finally we’ve got a date, some friends rounded up, and we’re getting ready to Soup Swop!! So far it’s been really easy to do, and the enthusiasm from others is really motivating.  Over the next 2 weeks all my friends need to do, is work out which soup they; love the … Continue reading

Diet Day 21 – the Soup Swap!

One great thing about the diet is how I have had to focus on finding fun, tasty and exciting soups to regularly replace my lunchtime ritual of Quinoa and Chicken.  I have found some great recipes, Spicy Parsnip and Pear, Carrot and Coriander, and Hot and Sour Chicken to name but a few of the … Continue reading

Turkey Tantrums, but now it’s all over………

Yes the kids had almost had enough, and hubbie was glazing over at the sight of yet more turkey, but today we managed to say ‘au revoir’ til next year to our dear old Bird. Lunch was leftover carrots and chestnuts, whipped up into a delicious (even chestnut hating hubbie managed a bowl!) of soup, … Continue reading