Day 209 – Gateau breton

I have been struggling this holiday to get motivated in the kitchen.  Actually to get motivated at all, at times.  I have even once or twice taken over the male domain of the BBQ (shock horror!) after realising in the first week, that sans Hubbie means you have to DIY! So it was lovely to … Continue reading

Day 208 – lunch at Les Sables Blancs Hotel

When the sun is out in Concarneau, one of our favourite hang out spots for lunch is the Hotel at the end of our beach. At Hotel Les Sables Blancs, the terrace is just ab fab, and the lunch menu, 3 courses at 24 euros, cannot be beaten.  As our son quotes, ‘surely this place … Continue reading

Day 207 – Mum and Dad arrive, along with the…..

SUNSHINE!! Not sure if they really brought it from Cornwall, due to the fact that the iPhone has consistently shown Penzance to be 3 degree’s cooler than us. (Yes I spend a lot of time checking out that no-one, apart from Sharon and Max in Majorca, and Richard and Sabine in NYC, have better weather … Continue reading

Day 206 – no improvement yet…….

but at least it got warmer. We had a lovely lunch at La Hune, chilled the afternoon at home, and BBQ’d (yes! warm and not wet) outside on Janine’s terrace tonight.  Lots of great food and laughter, restrained amount of alcohol, and good cheer.  Certainly needed by Hubbie, who is showing signs of sun-withdrawal.  His … Continue reading

Day 205 – Gone again!

Today was wet! Very wet…. grey and basically reflecting all our moods. We managed a trip to the Sunday market at Foret Fouesnant, a quick drink in the bar there with Carol and Roger, and a free Ricard (ugh!) but lots of giveaways as they were doing a promo in the Bar. The rest of … Continue reading

Day 204 – The Hawkins arrive….

with supplies from England (how I love my delivery of Crunchies/Curly Wurlys/Flakes, etc) Yippee!! It’s great to have more of the ‘English Gang’ here. as we have now been nicknamed by Aurelie and Jacques at Les Boucaniers!  We hit a new high today by lunching there en masse (6 adults and 3 kids) and starting … Continue reading

Day 203 – My iPad App Day

Finally I found time to research my iPad, and spend some time searching for App’s, with a little help from my friends! I had this funny feeling I wasn’t using it to the max, but when I started to dig in, I realised just how minimal I had been on the iPad!! My first kick … Continue reading

Day 202 – my Sunshine!

The day has brightened up to the extent that we managed to BBQ at lunch, chill all afternoon on the terrace, swim and do aperitifs with Rog and Carol….. PERFECT! It’s now 9pm and the sun is starting to sink.  Here’s to hopefully another bright day tomorrow…….with my sunshine!

Day 201 – the DIY man and his hired help!

Behind every good DIY man, stands an active Cleaner.  In Brussels I have hired help, en France, c’est moi! I was woken today to the sound of the drill (OMG), Hubbie was in the basement knocking out bricks.  I was slightly worried that he had decided to knock through to the lower bedroom under the … Continue reading

Day 200 – some recipes from my French kitchen…..

….but not necessarily French!! In between the rough weather, I have been focusing on cooking some new recipes in our kitchen (as I’ve had to abandon the BBQ for the last 4 days!).  Luckily Hubbie is now here, as the kids are not always so enthusiastic at new things on their plates.  However all the … Continue reading