Day 209 – Gateau breton

I have been struggling this holiday to get motivated in the kitchen.  Actually to get motivated at all, at times.  I have even once or twice taken over the male domain of the BBQ (shock horror!) after realising in the first week, that sans Hubbie means you have to DIY! So it was lovely to … Continue reading

Day 106 – that drive to France….

Avid readers of the blog will know that sinking feeling I have when we have to get in the car for the long and very tedious drive to France.  This time I thought I’d cracked it.  Leaving early morning, with the packing done and dusted, a lovely lunch at Honfleur, and timed just so, that … Continue reading

Day 50 – High tide

After a long and monotonous journey to Brittany, through fog and heavy rain, and after the usual Buffalo Grill dinner on route, we arrived at 2am on saturday morning.  With me swearing never again, as Hubbie was falling asleep behind the wheel,  I had driven virtually the whole route. I had also been on a … Continue reading

Day 49 – a Quickie after Lunch….

Post that is! ………..I’ve been working from home today and set off for France later this afternoon, so have been running round like a mad thing fitting in all last minute work issues and emails, in between finding enough pairs of socks and jumpers.  As ever it’s the point in time that the internet decides … Continue reading