Day 242 – Why do kids not have ears, and some colleagues lack the ability to read an email properly?

Do we say things clearly enough?  and directly enough? whether we write it or say it aloud?  A subject I’ve touched on once or twice over the last year due to a few frustrations faced along the way. I have a Dutch Hubbie.  I’m used to receiving direct, though not to necessarily dealing direct.   … Continue reading

Day 241 – Monday Morning Mantra – 5-a-day for a healthy mind

I picked this up last week while surfing the internet last week, and saved it for a bit of Monday Morning Inspiration.  Based on the idea that 5 fruit and veg are good for a healthy body, these are 5 mantra’s for a healthy mind;  This is my new Inspiration and my Home page!! 1. … Continue reading

Day 240 – an unbelievable Leg of Lamb recipe…….

This one I just had to share……  I adore leg of Lamb (a special treat from Jack at Jack O’Shea yesterday, yes he was in the shop but I promised not to tell too many people that he was serving!) and found an interesting recipe on the internet that I tinkered with. The end result … Continue reading

Day 239 – Local Shopping for Young (by older!) Rock Stars….

Today I’m going to focus on a great shop we found on Rue du Page in Ixelles (Brussels) on a 3 hour dash round our local area to find a birthday present for Natan, the 10 year old friend of our son, whose ‘Rock Star’ birthday party he is attending tonight.  Les Petits Riens had … Continue reading

Day 238 – Dinner for 2…..

Finally escaped the house to celebrate Hubbie’s birthday this weekend.  Left behind the kids, and Mildred our wonderful babysitter with 3 baskets of ironing! It was time to try out Chez Marie, a restaurant which has had fab reviews from friends and even fellow bloggers.  It lived up to it’s wonderful reputation, and for a … Continue reading

Day 237 – the Party cake and a special Present…..

It was Hubbie’s birthday today and as he was travelling all week and back late tonight, we wanted to do something a little special as a surprise for him.  The kids voted of course, to bake a cake.  But not any old cake, it had to be Jamie Olivers Party Cake (from ‘The Return of … Continue reading

Day 236 – Hopefully Harmony will return

After the turbulent day yesterday, and with kids back to school today, I had a chance to reflect on a strange co-incidence that happened on our door step last night, and continued today.  I have been struggling with various cleaners over the last few months, often resorting to doing it myself and this week was … Continue reading

Day 235 – Stormy Weather…..night or day?

  I’m not sure what is happening with our weather at the moment but it was a bit scary on Tuesday to watch the sky darken, the heavens open, and the torrential rain and hailstones fall from the sky.  The chickens were looking very sorry for themselves, they were soaked for hours, and their chicken … Continue reading

Day 234 – it’s just me and the cat, and 3 wet chickens but….

Tonight after a late return from Dusseldorf, I settled down to laptop life at the kitchen table, and undisturbed caught up on a lot of bits and pieces, and had a great Skype chat with my family back in Cornwall. They were unfortunately counting the number and size of the glasses of white wine that … Continue reading

Day 232 – One of those (Satur)days……

Our Saturday started with an urge to clean -> funny this is the second time in a month here (it’s normal behaviour in France, but I rely on a cleaner here in Brussels).  Must be indicative of the fact I am not totally happy with what and how she is doing it.  I decided on … Continue reading