and the last surprise of the weekend was…….

April 22nd 2012 …… the fabulous wall art that Hubbie created for me at Christmas is finally on the wall in the hall……. …….. ….. woo hoo!  thanks guys xxx ……..

Day 360 – Boxing Day goes retro

Monday 26th December 2011. Oh yeah! I forgot….. on top of my super original wallpaper pressie from Hubbie, I also got the camera of my dreams (well the realistically priced Lumix version to be honest, and heh in these days of austerity, we should not be wanting the version which is double the price but … Continue reading

Day 324 – sunday morning market

Sunday 20th November 2011. It’s Sunday morning, and a special treat, I get to go to the Market with Eliot, his Dad Pieter, and my camera ….. with a perfect finish, a meet up with Helen for a glass of champagne and some smoked salmon, while Pieter cycled my shopping home!  That’s what Sunday’s are … Continue reading

Day 322 – StyleShoots in Brussels….

Friday 18th November 2011. Today, Visual Instinct and Dekopolis launched their StyleShoots studio in the Trade Mart Brussels.  The super easy technology makes taking a photo for catalogues, websites, and instore communication as simple as 1 2 3.  No more messing around in Photoshop to eliminate the background (highly time-consuming) and no more worrying about … Continue reading

Day 315 – Freedom ……

11.11.11 free day in Brussels, sun shining, what do the kids wanna do?  waveboard at the skate park! This is what freedom means to me, my family and my friends ……. …. Thank You ♥

Day 314 – Shop til you drop……

Thursday 10th November. (memories of NYC)   Sometimes the shopping and the sightseeing was just too much…… The highlights of the those who just need to sit down somewhere when the going gets tough! …..    

Day 312 – Nirvana on the 56th floor!

Tuesday 8th November 2011. There are lots of memories of NYC I still want to post, as 1. I have a lot, 2. I have in total over 2500 photo’s to wade through, and 3. It means I don’t have to focus on this horrible cold! …….where is that toilet roll when you need it? … Continue reading

Day 301 – walking the High Line

Waking up to a beautiful morning……. means it’s time for a walk on the High Line……..  camera heaven!                                     more information @ The High Line.  

Day 289 – Colourful moments captured on Camera today…..

…….  Sun-day at Flagey, Chickens at Home, and BBQ at the Verbeelens Perfect! ………. *** *** *** *** *** *** *** *** *** *** *** *** ……..

Day 284 – all kn*tted up…..

Today I am feeling sad I am sick tired, and aching all over I just want to cocoon * Jo Hamilton via via via  WurzelTumblr®. * Related articles Day 280 – I need to knit…… ( lead photo by LiseMac on Untitled | Flickr – Photo Sharing!.