The bath is mine…….

I took a couple of extra days tagged onto the french ‘getaway’ holiday, in order to blitz clean the Brussels house.  Oh boy did I totally miscalculate how long I would need to do that! I thought I had started with a reasonable aim -> bathroom, bedroom and tv room, in 2 days, but I … Continue reading

Day 316 – sort-a-day

Saturday 12th November 2011. The cold continues with a hacking cough, blocked and stuffed up nose, and a general feeling of tiredness (or is the jet lag?). But having sensibly (but regrettably) cancelled the trip this long weekend to Brittany, I’m still sulking a little over a rose colored spectacles view that the weather (despite … Continue reading

Day 236 – Hopefully Harmony will return

After the turbulent day yesterday, and with kids back to school today, I had a chance to reflect on a strange co-incidence that happened on our door step last night, and continued today.  I have been struggling with various cleaners over the last few months, often resorting to doing it myself and this week was … Continue reading

Day 232 – One of those (Satur)days……

Our Saturday started with an urge to clean -> funny this is the second time in a month here (it’s normal behaviour in France, but I rely on a cleaner here in Brussels).  Must be indicative of the fact I am not totally happy with what and how she is doing it.  I decided on … Continue reading

Day 201 – the DIY man and his hired help!

Behind every good DIY man, stands an active Cleaner.  In Brussels I have hired help, en France, c’est moi! I was woken today to the sound of the drill (OMG), Hubbie was in the basement knocking out bricks.  I was slightly worried that he had decided to knock through to the lower bedroom under the … Continue reading

Day 56 – The Big Clean Up

For once we are trying to do the big clean up before we leave, the day before, instead of rushing madly around on the actual day of departure.  It’s not going well so far, as I am more glued to the computer than to the duster.  Hubbie is wielding the vacuum cleaner as I type … Continue reading