Happy 10th Anniversary darling, photo’s that remind me of a wonderful day!

After the big IT update in the house, I have decided to do yet another ‘sort and save’ exercise on my digital photo’s.  Of course the computers are I have to admit still not without problems, namely wobbly wifi that is tempermental to say the least, which strikes when I am home alone with a … Continue reading

Day 320 – The start of the swim season

Wednesday 16th November 2011. Otherwise known in our household as ‘Do we really have to get up now?’ It’s hard on the kids, and dare I say it, even harder on the parents.  We drag ourselves through the early morning wake-up calls to endure verbal abuse from our little loved ones, shock horror at work … Continue reading

Day 288 – Autumn by candlelight

One of the joys of Autumn is as the nights draw in, you can close the curtains, turn down the lights, and light up some wonderfully scented candles.  Relaxation is the name of the game, and scents that calm and chill you out, while evoking memories of places, adventures or just moments in time, are … Continue reading

Day 273 – the car trouble continues…..

My car drama continued with the company pool car on Friday.  Never a good day to head towards Dusseldorf, as it was a way too early start, that resulted in an oil warning as I crossed the border into Germany.  After a long day of meetings, I headed for the border back into NL and … Continue reading

Day 272 – the start of the car troubles…… I need to practise praying properly

Mechelen may be a very nice city to stay in, but it’s a nightmare (like most Belgian cities to be honest) to drive in and out of. Particularly if you agree to drive your colleagues car to the office the morning, after the night before.  And it’s in a car park that you were never … Continue reading

Day 271 – wednesday worship…..

Tonight I slept in a place of worship, didn’t help me sleep (must be the guilt trips and too much communion wine!) but fab place and would recommend to everyone…..   Luxury Hotel Belgium. Related articles Would You Like to Live in a Converted Cathedral? (casasugar.com)  

Day 231 – TGI it’s nearly Saturday…..

Boy was it one of those days today.  Luckily I had 3 perfect boys staying over last night, as I have to say the thought of a 2 year old in a cot next to our bed, was bringing me out in a cold sweat……. it has been a while, but luckily our daughter was … Continue reading

Day 213 – adjusting back to life in Brussels……

After 6 hours sleep on the camp bed in our sons room (our bedroom is the Grandparents domain for the next 10 days!), it was time to get up and face reality……… 371 work emails to clear and action ;( That’s the dreaded part of the holiday return (along with the unpacking and washing, and … Continue reading

Day 182 – Weekend in the Ardennes

This weekend we’re in the Ardennes, guests of Kurt and Alexandra, for our first stayover in the Belgian countryside. Having left clear instructions with Jules on the finer points of our pets, we kissed goodbye to Joseph the cat, Gabriella, Betsy and Thila the chickens and packed our car with clothes food and 8 eggs … Continue reading

Day 50 – High tide

After a long and monotonous journey to Brittany, through fog and heavy rain, and after the usual Buffalo Grill dinner on route, we arrived at 2am on saturday morning.  With me swearing never again, as Hubbie was falling asleep behind the wheel,  I had driven virtually the whole route. I had also been on a … Continue reading