Day 55 – Chilling literally, by the beach

There is something about a beach holiday at this time of year that makes you stop and think.  It’s a bit like getting on a plane and spending 12 hrs on a long haul flight where you can do nothing but dream.  At 30000 ft, you are at the mercy of the pilot and his crew, and please God, make sure they know what they are doing.  In the meantime, it’s best to just dream and get on with it.  I now feel like that after a few days of rain at the beach.  You give in, and just go for a good lunch, and dream while the kids play.  The sun will come out eventually (like that landing), and everything will come back to normal, but in the meantime, it’s lovely to get those big ideas and dreams out in the open, and see what could work, and what can only fall by the wayside.  The important part of this is finding the time to talk and share.  A dream, dreamed alone, is one that can never be realised.  Dreaming is inherent in our nature, if we stop, I’m sure we would just fade and die.  And sometimes it’s lovely to just escape from all, dream, and gently come back to reality, with a new or different slant on what we really thought might be possible.

Thursday is day 4 of our Grey days (vs 2 Sun days), but today was a major breakthrough on our emotional and positive well being.  We sat, we talked and we shared.  And that is something that all of us find hard to timetable or plan.  I guess that’s what winter holidays drifting and dreaming, is all about……… and by the way, a big big big Happy Birthday wish to one of our most inspirational friends’ and mentors’…. Jules!! the big 40 is the start of a new fabulous phase, we promise, ……


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