Day 180 – Happy 1st Birthday to me!

Yes today’s the day!  One year ago I started with my first post.  Since then, I’ve become addicted to stats, while logging over 7500 views, and hitting 160 views on my busiest day this month.  I’ve covered Thoughts, Musings, and Dreams. Success and Failure.  Frustrations and Celebrations.  Passions such as Photography, Cooking and France.  Dieting … Continue reading

Day 179 – Chicken ‘Crush and Mush’, recycling/recircling with our chickens!

The chickens have some rather interesting eating habits, probably a reflection of the family who has adopted them.  At the weekend, our daughter introduced them to the delights of half eaten grapes, fed by hand.  (Sometimes she grasps the concept of sharing, just not with big brother!) I have also been looking up various feeding … Continue reading

Day 178 – Life with a BMW……

Sometimes you already write your blog post, have it all seriously thought through and ready to go, and then something happens to make you reconsider the most interesting part of the day. It still involves the heat (the original post was covering; sweating it out at the pool watching the kids, and worrying about over-heated … Continue reading

Day 177 – Sunday Snoozing, I wish…..

Well that’s what we were hoping for.  We deliberately kept this weekend free of plans/engagements and general ‘any excuse to go anywhere but stay at home’ arrangements.  But of course, having rented out the 2nd floor finally last weekend, there were jobs waiting to be done (including the dreaded trip to Ikea).  Those were taken … Continue reading

Day 176 – Let’s Smurf!

So while thousands of fans all over the world were celebrating today, I was having a rather annoying ‘tete a tete’ in Delhaize with their wonderful Belgian customer service desk (the training of which consists of ‘we are always right and the customer is always wrong!’).  I had been diddled out of my Smurf stamps, … Continue reading

Day 175 – School’s out for summer!

I’m not sure who is more exhausted and down by the end of the school year, me or the kids!   They both finished at lunchtime today, and after a quick detour to the library (as my daughter had yet again ‘forgotten’ to check out some summer reading!), we headed for lunch.  I managed to divert … Continue reading

Day 174 – Take a good look at life around you……..

Turtlewings Reconnect, the adult creative group that meet once a month on a Thursday lunchtime, had their first ‘Vernissage’ last night.  I was very jealous, due to the fact that a. I wish I could join them and b. they looked a small details in life and documented them in various artistic ways.  From photography … Continue reading

Day 173 – Honey, we lost the Cat…….

Continuing our family theme of losing things, today was the cat’s turn!  We’d gone to bed last night, thinking that Joseph was tucked up with Sabine who was staying over with us.  Only to find this morning, after she’d left, we had no cat in the house!  Huge panic.  This cat is a real home … Continue reading

Day 172 – more things to do with those plastic packing strips……

Wrap a present -> looks great in paper, must be manageable in plastic too!  And in addition, it’s a fab way to reuse your newspaper and magazines…… idea inspired by Woven paper gift topper | Mini-eco. …… and why not use as the tapes for a bulletin board -> both useful and colourful! inspired by … Continue reading

Day 171 – Creating stuff with plastic strips and bits of paper…..

Yesterday morning was spent hanging out at the Open day and Brocante at Turtlewings.  Jules was promoting her great Pre-school programme (move over Gever Tully, Jules has big plans to make pre-school cool!), and we were keeping an eye and generally selling bits and pieces with Sam (her pre-school teacher who also happens to be … Continue reading