the Pool and the Party @CHAMPs 2013

In between watching the races, the screaming, the partying and the officiating (freestyle races are the most boring aspect of being a stroke and turn judge – the slots that I got!), I managed to snap a few super shots (with help from Hubbie!).  This is what makes a team, more like a family……… Love … Continue reading

Training for the Olympics? 2020……

  Yesterday at our school, we celebrated the International festival, which is a great excuse for all the kids to dash round the stalls eating and drinking exotic food from all over the world (and a great excuse for the parents to get wasted on the Brazilian stand, as they make mean Caipirinha’s!). We celebrate … Continue reading

Happy Valentine’s!

  ♥ late, February 14th 2012 Just had a fabulous evening with the Curti’s, an Italian swim family (ie they suffer the same early starts as we do!).  Great to enjoy a romantic evening with all the kids (5 in total) but not sure how many will be up and smiling in 6 hours for … Continue reading

Day 348 – Is this really how to treat a Philippe Starck bath?

Wednesday 14th December 2011. I remember the dreams we had when we bought it……. and what has transpired since.  I made some rash promise (when I paid for it!) that we would worth it as we would have have romantic baths, candles and champers, on a regular basis.  I guess now that a regular basis … Continue reading

Day 337 – the long drive to Luxembourg, and the fast dash back for Dinner!

Omg! Another early start! This time the kids needed to be at school by 7.15am as the bus was leaving for their first swim meet, in Luxembourg.  Cheerleading parents needed to follow in the car, but luckily we managed to hang out at home and have a leisurely breakfast before leaving. The drive was horrible. … Continue reading

Day 330 – Saturday Swim

Saturday 26th November 2011. This weekend is the most challenging so far of our swimming timetable.  We started with a Saturday try out for the school team, delayed by 2 hours as the coaching team miscalculated the start time with the pool, and followed up with Thila swimming for CNSW at a Belgian competition in … Continue reading

Day 325 – Super simple packed lunches

Monday 21st November 2011. Only one thing to do when you’ve got to be at the pool to drop the kids at 6.30am on a Monday -> join them! Today I sneaked in around 6.45 (15mins before opening) to do a few lengths, finished around 7.30 and headed for the office.  It certainly wakes you … Continue reading

Day 320 – The start of the swim season

Wednesday 16th November 2011. Otherwise known in our household as ‘Do we really have to get up now?’ It’s hard on the kids, and dare I say it, even harder on the parents.  We drag ourselves through the early morning wake-up calls to endure verbal abuse from our little loved ones, shock horror at work … Continue reading

Day 255 – the future forecast……

5 days without Hubbie and evening no. 4 at the pool. I am almost on first name terms with the guy running the bar, have eaten most things off the menu, and drunk a lot of Leffe blonde. Today was the first day however that I had company for the whole time, and had to … Continue reading

Day 250 – Back to the ‘pool routine’..

I was not looking forward to the return of the ‘pool runs’. School runs are one thing.  It’s a straight forward drop off or pick up without too much hanging around in-between.   Pool runs are another matter.  They involve huge commitment and endurance, dedication and skill, and careful forward planning.  And I’m just talking about … Continue reading