Day 250 – Back to the ‘pool routine’..

I was not looking forward to the return of the ‘pool runs’. School runs are one thing.  It’s a straight forward drop off or pick up without too much hanging around in-between.   Pool runs are another matter.  They involve huge commitment and endurance, dedication and skill, and careful forward planning.  And I’m just talking about the parents part, let alone the commitment of the kids.  Never enter into this lightly, as somewhere along the line, just as you’re silently screaming at the amount of time you spend hanging around, they suddenly get it, and become swim addicts.  At that point, pray you picked a good location and a good team, where a bar is always open, serves great food, and has wifi!  I swear, you will need it.

So when I returned to the routine this Wednesday night, (note; conveniently the day Hubbie jets off to Shanghai for a week!) I was secretly praying that the supposed ‘being refurbished since April’ (but turns out the previous tenants were not paying the bills!) restaurant, would be open.  Thank God it was!  Thank God they serve good food!  And thank God when I ran out of money one night this week (due to a 4.5 hour marathon swim session) they also let me run up a tab!   I don’t think I could cope with another sweat session at the side of the pool at 30+ degrees!

The socializing has also improved since the bar re-opened (as now we can breathe again).  Mothers actually speak to each other.  And rather sweetly I reconnected with a mum whose daughter 6 years ago used to go to school with my daughter. A spell in China, and now back in the European school, and they are training together.  That’s Brussels for you, somehow you stay forever, or you escape but find your way back here again.

Somehow, I think I’m beginning to like this……

especially the food……..


2 Responses to “Day 250 – Back to the ‘pool routine’..”
  1. sjef says:

    Looks like it’s gonna be an expensive swim-season… or is this just some mild persuasion that I should be doing the swimruns..:-)

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