Year 3 – the beginning of Spring

6th March 2016 I am writing this as I sit at the end of a bed. Well actually it feels like more like, at end of my world. Again. This year, at the beginning of March, I’m listening to my Dad struggle between gurgling deep breaths and soft imperceptibly light breathing. His hands are getting … Continue reading

Life after Lizzi

Just over 2 years ago I posted my dream list of things to do before my 50th birthday. I thought most were attainable, realistic, and a few a bit over the top (like swimming 50m butterfly which I now have to admit will NEVER happen!). But little did I know how much my world would … Continue reading

Travelling with Tweeners……..

The kids were excited.  The first past of our mega long summer together (ie my 9 week parental break from work, at the same time as their annual 2 month holiday from school!) was going to be celebrated in Paris.  With the added bonus of a place to stay, with Hubbie’s cousin Mark and his … Continue reading

The bath is mine…….

I took a couple of extra days tagged onto the french ‘getaway’ holiday, in order to blitz clean the Brussels house.  Oh boy did I totally miscalculate how long I would need to do that! I thought I had started with a reasonable aim -> bathroom, bedroom and tv room, in 2 days, but I … Continue reading

Happy Valentine’s!

  ♥ late, February 14th 2012 Just had a fabulous evening with the Curti’s, an Italian swim family (ie they suffer the same early starts as we do!).  Great to enjoy a romantic evening with all the kids (5 in total) but not sure how many will be up and smiling in 6 hours for … Continue reading

Day 348 – Is this really how to treat a Philippe Starck bath?

Wednesday 14th December 2011. I remember the dreams we had when we bought it……. and what has transpired since.  I made some rash promise (when I paid for it!) that we would worth it as we would have have romantic baths, candles and champers, on a regular basis.  I guess now that a regular basis … Continue reading

Day 339 – celebrating St Nicholas in Brussels…..

Monday 5th December 2011. Today is St Nicholas, confusing as always to me, a Brit leaving in a Flemish/french international environment with a Dutch husband, where not all celebrate it in the same way. No forward planning had been done, unlike a lot of friends who organize it all at the weekend, when the day … Continue reading

Day 331 – Sometimes homework is fun!

Sunday 27th November 2011. Sometimes, just sometimes, homework is exciting enough to get Thila motivated enough to do it without cajoling, pressure, begging or pure threatening on the part of her parents (I know, not necessarily the best strategies but this girl just does not get it!! and sometimes nor do her parents!).  Usually the … Continue reading

Day 295 – Scary Stuff on a Saturday!

Living Dead Dolls! saturday – ready to party @BEPS! find the real ones at lMezco’s Living Dead Dolls | Official Website.

Day 287 – Graffiti art for the kids…….

customize your skateboard with fabric, paint and stickers, peace and quiet guaranteed, for an hour or two at least perfect….. thanks to Denis Meyers and friends as seen at tonight at EXHI-B 950 // Art – Shop – Disco. L’Arsenal, Brussels Great street artists on canvas, skateboards, cars, wood and miscellaneous stuff! * and last up, … Continue reading