Day 337 – the long drive to Luxembourg, and the fast dash back for Dinner!

Omg! Another early start! This time the kids needed to be at school by 7.15am as the bus was leaving for their first swim meet, in Luxembourg.  Cheerleading parents needed to follow in the car, but luckily we managed to hang out at home and have a leisurely breakfast before leaving.

The drive was horrible. After a month of no rain ( the driest November on record, since records started, I am told), the skies threw down as much as possible over the shortest period of time possible.  Concentration was at maximum as there were an awful lot of lorries (why on a Saturday?), and Hubbie, who leap into the passenger seat before I realized, was snoring by the time we left the outskirts of Brussels.

Arriving with minutes to spare, we ran for the sports hall (very impressive 50m pool at ISL I have to say), and found seats in time to wave encouragingly at the gang.  Did I mention, as usual, Hubbie and I were loaded with gadgets galore to pass the time, and, as usual, there was no Internet.

Back to basics, we focused on time-recording the races, taking photo’s and gossiping with other parents.  Great fun! And very satisfying when Thila won all her races and recorded times faster generally than the girls in the age group above.  Inigo also did us proud by smashing his records, and overtaking 2 swimmers in his stage of the 4×4 individual medley!

Inigo 50m freestyle

after the race

Thila 50m freestyle

after the race

Inigo and Gianluca - hanging out!

Thila 50m breaststroke

pre medley

Thila backstroke 50m in the medley

Thila has unfortunately developed a swollen foot (no idea how!), which after a trip to the emergency dept to check no broken bones, will have to rest for a few days. It’ll take her out of the international schools cross country race this week, but she seems ok with it, if she can swim again by next weekend. It transpires her foot was so sore that she didn’t use her feet in the races today!

After finishing and watching them get back on the bus, much more fun than a boring trip home with the parents, and a great opportunity for the girls medley team to wind up the boys team after beating them by over one minute!  We headed for a supermarket to stock up on food for dinner.  Raili and Crispin had confirmed they were coming over with Ella (aged 3 1/2) later, so we did a supermarket dash and drove back to school to beat the bus by 10 minutes.

Dinner was huge fun, a very relaxed raclette, and it’s lovely to have friends over after an absence of five years and pick it all up as if it was yesterday!  Brussels brings that occasionally, as all who leave tend to come back, at least to visit once in a while, as it creates in the most part such easy happy memories.

Raili and Crispin

The icing on the cake, was at midnight, to tiptoe downstairs to discover the 2 ‘baby’ sitters snoozing on the beanbags, while Ella was watching Shrek with a big smile on her face!


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