Day 325 – Super simple packed lunches

Monday 21st November 2011.

Only one thing to do when you’ve got to be at the pool to drop the kids at 6.30am on a Monday -> join them!

Today I sneaked in around 6.45 (15mins before opening) to do a few lengths, finished around 7.30 and headed for the office.  It certainly wakes you up, but I have to say by lunchtime, I was starving and ready for an afternoon nap!

And by the evening, I was ready to crawl into bed the minute I walked in!

However, as having to come up with more and more novel ideas to fuel the swimmers (as early starts mean breakfast on the bus to school after swimming, as well as packed lunches, or snacks after school while waiting for their activities!), I stood no chance of an early night.  There was a chicken waiting to be roasted after the market shopping yesterday.


Chicken Pasta Salad


roast chicken


I very simply chopped some lemons, carrots, and jerusalem artichokes.  Added a few whole unpeeled cloves of garlic, drizzled olive oil and popped it in the oven at 175 degrees for 90 minutes. (while enjoying a glass of Chablis, and catching up on my blog!)

And then I quickly cooked some pasta and allowed it to cool.  Chopped fresh beans, celery, tomatoes and some herbs, and tossed them together with a touch of olive oil.  I added some chopped chicken, and heh presto, a super quick pasta salad for the lunchbox tomorrow.


chopped veg

cooked pasta



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