Day 320 – The start of the swim season

Wednesday 16th November 2011.

Otherwise known in our household as ‘Do we really have to get up now?’

It’s hard on the kids, and dare I say it, even harder on the parents.  We drag ourselves through the early morning wake-up calls to endure verbal abuse from our little loved ones, shock horror at work (as I arrive earlier than the doors open!) and sleep-deprived depression by the weekend.  The kids are sleeping at their desks, struggling with their homework, and longing for a lie-in.  All in the name of swimming!

We have 10 days of swim training ahead of us, 3 sessions a week that must be attended, with a swim try-out meet at the end of it. On top of this, both kids are swimming at their Belgian club, and in 10 days Thila faces the school try out on the Saturday, and a Belgian competition on the Sunday. phew! I’m exhausted just by typing it.

We hit a problem today however, as the alarm went off at 5am, it became clear that Thila had the dreaded bug, and was running hot and cold, with tummy pains and a headache.  The day was hastily re-organised, and it was only Inigo and I who headed to the pool (and I drove on to a meeting in Dusseldorf).

When I returned at 9pm, the sofa beckoned.  I was too tired to even eat.

We definitely need an injection of life here, if we’re going to survive the next 10 days.  Jules has suggested orange autumn food for strength -> I must remember to buy more squash and carrots at the market on Sunday.

30 minutes later and I was sweetly snoring on the sofa!!  (was this what I signed up for I ask myself?)


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