Day 358 – Christmas Eve

Saturday 24th December 2011. The kids got busy with the finishing touches to the house today, and Hubbie finally hung the mistletoe so that unsuspecting and hopefully sexy guests can be kissed under it.  Better late than never!  (He also built and extension to the dining table 2 hours before our guests arrive while I … Continue reading

Day 257 – One Week without Hubbie….

and yet another swimming session tonight!  I have now switched to Grapefruit and Soda, with free nuts, as I have been single handedly keeping the bar and restaurant profitable!  Tonight I focused on more messaging and facebooking about REcircle‘s involvement in Park(ing) Day here in Brussels, and dreaming up some more ideas.  More on that … Continue reading

Day 255 – the future forecast……

5 days without Hubbie and evening no. 4 at the pool. I am almost on first name terms with the guy running the bar, have eaten most things off the menu, and drunk a lot of Leffe blonde. Today was the first day however that I had company for the whole time, and had to … Continue reading

Day 254 – My Sunday Sweat session

Anna really really really did not think I would be back today at Bikram Yoga.  But one close shave with death by overheating was not going to put me off just yet.  After all, I survived 30 minutes poolside last night at 30 degrees, after they had closed the bar (and why on earth do … Continue reading

Day 252 – Hubbie’s gone Day 2

It’s been a particularly quiet day today.  I mean, without anyone to talk to as opposed to not being busy, in case you were wondering! I was on my own in the office, apart from a short break at lunchtime when I skyped Shanghai Sjef, I had no sensible conversations with anyone in the flesh.  … Continue reading

Day 251 – Day 1 without Hubbie!

Yes I survived the pool run yesterday.  Came home late last night and made today’s sandwiches.  Packed the kids off to bed. And then worried all night if I would get up in time to get the kids to school and make work in Dusseldorf by 10am! How life changes without Hubbie here.  He’s the … Continue reading

Day 216 – soooo tired…….

The saga of sleeping on the camp beds in our son’s room continues.  This is night 5, and the exhausted sleepy glow of back to work has worn off and I’m waking each morning feeling more tired than when I went to bed.  Tonight was topped off by the fact that no matter what, I … Continue reading

Day 212 – the real last day of the holiday, but stretched just a little bit longer…..

Today was the day we had to face reality and head for home.  Luckily the morning was foggy so the house cleaning was executed in extra fast time, on the off-chance the sun would come out before lunch.  This time, luck was on our side, and as the last floor was mopped, the bright yellow … Continue reading

Day 158 – Hubbie’s simple green bean dish

We’re all getting up super early at the moment.  Me, as there are not enough hours in the day when Hubbie is not at home.  And the kids, in the anticipation of fresh eggs (while I keep fingers crossed that the ‘not so’ Fantastic Mr Fox has stayed away!).  The chickens are now so well … Continue reading

Day 101 – I am trying to have a ‘Zen’ moment…..

Ok, I AM going to view it as a work of art….. Hubbie has left a cut half of lemon, face side down on our bluestone kitchen work surface.  It has etched itself into the stone over the course of today, so much so, that I had to scrap it off with a knife.  But … Continue reading