Day 330 – Saturday Swim

Saturday 26th November 2011.

This weekend is the most challenging so far of our swimming timetable.  We started with a Saturday try out for the school team, delayed by 2 hours as the coaching team miscalculated the start time with the pool, and followed up with Thila swimming for CNSW at a Belgian competition in Ottignies taking up the whole of Sunday.

Thila swims for CNSW

Luckily both kids made the school team, (so 4 more months of early starts and broken sleep) and both beat their previous bests.  Thila also set up a good record on the Sunday and is in the middle ranking of the Belgian league.

Kids happy.  Parents are sweaty, overheated and exhausted!



One Response to “Day 330 – Saturday Swim”
  1. Henny says:

    Well done, Inigo and Thila!

    Cheers, Henny

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