Happy Valentine’s!


♥ late, February 14th 2012

Just had a fabulous evening with the Curti’s, an Italian swim family (ie they suffer the same early starts as we do!).  Great to enjoy a romantic evening with all the kids (5 in total) but not sure how many will be up and smiling in 6 hours for the early swim practice!  Gnocchi (seriously the first time for Inigo, but definitely not the last!) followed by veal, roasted potatoes and mushrooms (total yum) and fruit and various italian specialities.  I am so stuffed!!  Thanks guys for the wonderful Baci’s (italian kisses), great conversation, and a warm welcome -> will have to do the brit/dutch version next year…..

what nobody in the queue!!  Xx


although written on the night, I had totally forgotten to post this -> whoops!   But to make matters worse, I also realised today that I forgot to give Hubbie his Valentine’s present too!  Remedied today, over a cup of our favourite Sweet Love tea from Kusmi, I handed over the parcel…….. after all you can’t get enough lovely tea!!

Lov Organic – Detox organic herbal tea Lov is pure.


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