Training for the Olympics? 2020……

  Yesterday at our school, we celebrated the International festival, which is a great excuse for all the kids to dash round the stalls eating and drinking exotic food from all over the world (and a great excuse for the parents to get wasted on the Brazilian stand, as they make mean Caipirinha’s!). We celebrate … Continue reading

Day 229 – London Inspiration 2

What a great way to start Day 2 in London, lots of love with your coffee!  We skipped Starbucks and headed for an unusual looking coffee bar near the hotel.  Turned out to be an Aussie venture called Sensory Lab…….. great graphics, cool interior and super smooth coffee.  If you’re staying in the Mandeville Hotel … Continue reading

Day 228 – London Inspiration

After very little sleep but highly excited, my first day back at work after this short holiday was in London. During the Eurostar trip, I wrote a bit of my blog off-line on the iPad and watched a movie, until arriving at St Pancreas International, with incredibly tired eyes.  I think I’m  currently battling with … Continue reading

Day 223 – What has happened to the UK press?

I am getting really annoyed by the one-sided nature of the TV reporting of the Riots in the UK. Last night, the BBC spent 23 minutes talking about the destruction, the looters, and the rioting, on the Ten O’Clock news WITHOUT once mentioning the community spirit that is rising out of the ashes. Why not … Continue reading

Day 221 – Community Clean Up…….after the Riots

Not such good news this week, unfortunately, as we wake up daily to the news of the Rioting in London, that has spread to other UK cities.  It has became addictive to watch all the feeds on FB, Twitter and the Internet, and in the wake of all the shame and disgust, to see that … Continue reading

Day 82 – the Reunion

I am getting very excited now about my trip to Stockholm, a perfect mix of business shopping followed by a Girls Weekend. I am also looking forward to one of the real pleasure’s of an Expat life, which we often overlook because of the pain.  I get to meet a good group of friends, in … Continue reading