Day 255 – the future forecast……

5 days without Hubbie and evening no. 4 at the pool. I am almost on first name terms with the guy running the bar, have eaten most things off the menu, and drunk a lot of Leffe blonde. Today was the first day however that I had company for the whole time, and had to resort to reading magazines as my son claimed all his homework was already finished in supervision this afternoon, and therefore it was only fair he used the iPad!  Hence I am writing my rushed blog in the last 15 minutes before my daughter gets out of the pool.

Life has been strictly organized since Hubbie’s departure to Shanghai.  Even down to the forward planning of the packed lunch boxes, who needs what on which day (clarinet, trombone, swim kit, PE kit, tennis stuff etc etc). Part of me is quite pleased at what we achieved without too much stress, the other part is crying out to be let off when he returns at the weekend.

The only worrying thing is the weather forecast. We were so looking forward to his return on Thursday followed by a weekend of camping in the brand new ‘super duper’ tent.  However this was planned in August, at a point when the weather was reasonably good, and we seriously believed an Indian summer would come to save us all.  Now I look at the weather forecast in the Ardennes, and the Dutch coast, and we’re stuck between continual rain in the south and thunderstorms in the north….. Help!

In desperation I looked at Majorca and scared the hell out of a girlfriend with no kids who is currently holidaying there with her husband. Luckily for her the flights were too expensive for a weekend, otherwise at 29 degrees and sunshine, I was ready to sign the dotted line and get the suitcase out.

I shall be hovering over the Internet weather forecast all week, waiting for a sign…… but one things for sure……. If it’s raining, we will enjoying life in Brussels this weekend!


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