Day 338 – More sleep on Sundays….

Sunday 4th December 2011. It’s always a difficult decision, and one that can result in me snoozing for hours. Do I get up early on a Sunday and make the most of the day (and do the Sunday market -often, or bikram yoga- rarely!), or do I die under my duvet? Today was a ‘die … Continue reading

Day 320 – The start of the swim season

Wednesday 16th November 2011. Otherwise known in our household as ‘Do we really have to get up now?’ It’s hard on the kids, and dare I say it, even harder on the parents.  We drag ourselves through the early morning wake-up calls to endure verbal abuse from our little loved ones, shock horror at work … Continue reading

Day 311 – Jet Lag Hag

Monday 7th November 2011. I am such a Jet Lag Hag…… 55 floors up yesterday, at 35000ft overnight, back to earth with a bang, in the basement tonight! Combined with the second cold from hell (one on the way out, repeated again half way across the Atlantic -> Jet Airways operate a sauna not an … Continue reading

Day 216 – soooo tired…….

The saga of sleeping on the camp beds in our son’s room continues.  This is night 5, and the exhausted sleepy glow of back to work has worn off and I’m waking each morning feeling more tired than when I went to bed.  Tonight was topped off by the fact that no matter what, I … Continue reading

Day 160 – As soon as the sun goes down……

the chickens go to bed! Wish the same could be said for the kids, they’re still trying to hang out infront of the Tv. image by Vintage Chicken Pincushion by rosekepler on Etsy.

Day 130 – my beloved Duvet Daughter….

Life around here often means that we help out friends when they need to travel for work, and vice-versa.  As most of us don’t have a family network to fall back on. it’s lovely to be in the position to help and to be able to ask for help, and I enjoy having extra kids … Continue reading

Day 124 – Visual Overload

It starts with blurred vision, a waterbased paintbrush washing out part of life as I see it. My head then throbs behind the eyeballs, nausia sets in, and is matched by a  strong desire to switch everything off and hole up under the duvet. My brain plays image after image, and won’t sleep.  Sensory overload … Continue reading

Day 77 – Friday night…..’Snore on the Sofa’ night

Funny isn’t it?  When we were younger, friday night was the night out.  End of the week, time to let your hair down, and sleep it off the next morning.  Nowadays I hear thursday is the new friday (and presumably the sleeping it off continues, in the office the next day!).  I also have quite … Continue reading