Day 348 – Is this really how to treat a Philippe Starck bath?

Wednesday 14th December 2011.

I remember the dreams we had when we bought it……. and what has transpired since.  I made some rash promise (when I paid for it!) that we would worth it as we would have have romantic baths, candles and champers, on a regular basis.  I guess now that a regular basis can be equated to once in a blue moon? (and not even linked to wedding anniversaries or birthdays!)

It has , over the years, been transformed into a swimming pool (when the kids were really small), somewhere to take action man for a deep dive (around 5 years old) and now as a place to sit and chat with bath bombs from Lush (our daughters fav shop at the moment).  It has seen almost zero activity from the adults in this household since the ‘need for speed’ resulted in constant showers!

Now it is a hanging place for all those wet swimsuits/flippers/goggles/towels etc.  And hugely unattractive.

So the next New Years resolution -> the wet stuff is going OUT OF MY BATHROOM!! be warned…..


2 Responses to “Day 348 – Is this really how to treat a Philippe Starck bath?”
  1. YES!, let’s get all this swim stuff out of there and go back to what the bath was initially intended for…I’ve already put some champers in the fridge. 🙂

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