Day 177 – Sunday Snoozing, I wish…..

Well that’s what we were hoping for.  We deliberately kept this weekend free of plans/engagements and general ‘any excuse to go anywhere but stay at home’ arrangements.  But of course, having rented out the 2nd floor finally last weekend, there were jobs waiting to be done (including the dreaded trip to Ikea).  Those were taken care of yesterday, leaving today to lie in and get straight (PJ day totally for our son! – he even went to the corner shop to buy sweets in them!) and generally take stock of our place.

That’s always a good one to start when you only have 24 hours ahead of you.  To be honest, taking stock of your house should never ever be done without at least a week for every year that you’ve lived in it.  In our case this means I need 3 months to re-evaluate, re-plan, re-design, and re-organise.  (and chuck it all out!).  And I’m working tomorrow!

I had started on Friday with a project for the kids (while I was working from home and they were in the mood for partying at the end of the school term, not a good mix!).  They were both given carte blanch to redesign their rooms on paper.  Perfect! I spent the afternoon on Friday working while they did the drawings.  Unfortunately the next phase has hit a bit of a melt down.  It involved them costing up the work, rethinking it if they were outside budget, and working out where the money was coming from.  For our son, that has meant a weekend surfing the world for the cheapest PS3!!

The challenge today, was to start emptying the rooms.  That meant organising boxes that say and mean, ‘give away, sell and rubbish’.  I can tell you that is no easy task for a 9 and 10 year old, whose concentration goes no further than the next meal/or the next tv programme.  We struggled all day to keep them focused on it, and having given the whole project the length of the school holidays, I can assure you, we are going to need every single day!  Even feeding the chickens grapes by hand, become more interesting for my daughter than tackling that pile of toys festering in the corner of the room.  (By the way, we have very sofisticated chickens, obviously descended from a Greek Goddess of some sort!)

Tonight as we retire to bed, we are surrounded by a variety of packing boxes, with various messages on them.  So while we face the annual departure of a number of our Expat friends, who leave immediately with their boxes packed,  I guess ours will be with us for a little while yet!  (and I am rather jealous!)

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