Day 176 – Let’s Smurf!

So while thousands of fans all over the world were celebrating today, I was having a rather annoying ‘tete a tete’ in Delhaize with their wonderful Belgian customer service desk (the training of which consists of ‘we are always right and the customer is always wrong!’).  I had been diddled out of my Smurf stamps, having spent 145 euros I was officially entitled to 7, almost enough for 2 smurf figurines!  However, as I shop with my head down, I’d missed all the advertising in the store, and had only been informed by my friend Susan on the way out, who had bumped into me as I was waiting for my lift home.  Off I went to the customer service desk, only to be told that the cashier had given them to me, as he’d signed the receipt.  Hmmm!  Obviously a Saturday boy with a penchant for little blue people…….  Finally after a lot of huffing, him being pulled off the cash desk to admit it, did I get my 11 stamps (obviously the woman on customer services is there to avoid doing anything useful and can’t count – yippee!).  And on arriving home and hearing about World Smurf Day, I now understand why the fuss.  The offer runs til the end of august, no doubt I will have to trail back on numerous occasions to add to the blue collection for the kids!

The following extract is via Global Smurfs Day: Thousands turn blue around the world to set new world record – United Kingdom, Guinness World Records Blog post – Home of the Longest, Shortest, Fastest, Tallest facts and feats.

Thousands of Smurfs fans all over the world were celebrating today, following a successful global attempt to beat the record for the largest gathering of folk dressed as the little blue people.

The final total of participants for today’s attempt was an incredible 4891, a figure that nearly doubled the previous record.


One of the biggest gatherings was in Mexico, where 301 people dressed up as the tiny forest dwellers

Simultaneous gatherings took place in countries as diverse and far apart as Belgium, Greece, Holland, Ireland, Columbia, Mexico, Panama, Poland, Russia, South Africa, the United Kingdom, and the United States.


Hundreds also turned blue for the day in South Africa

Guinness World Records™ adjudicators were on hand at each venue to count participants and check their outfits to ensure compliance with our stringent guidelines.


A participant gets ready to put on some paint in Holland

At exactly 5 PM BST on Saturday every Smurf had to be in position simultaneously across three continents for 10 minutes.


There was also plenty of Smurfery going on in New York 

In order for a participant to be counted, they had to have a complete Smurf costume including white hat, blue top, plus white trousers and shoes, while all exposed skin had to be painted blue.

The previous record for Most people dressed as Smurfs had been 2,510, which was set at an event at the Oceana nightclub in Swansea, Wales in 2009.


A family of Mexican Smurfs

The aim of today’s Smurfery was to promote and celebrate the forthcoming cinema release of The Smurfs 3D movie (, along with the birthday of Peyo, the creator of the characters.


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