Day 175 – School’s out for summer!

I’m not sure who is more exhausted and down by the end of the school year, me or the kids!   They both finished at lunchtime today, and after a quick detour to the library (as my daughter had yet again ‘forgotten’ to check out some summer reading!), we headed for lunch.  I managed to divert the ‘we want a McDonald’s or a Quick burger’  and convert it to a new burger restaurant in Rue Americaine called P H A T (Pretty Hot and Tasty).  It is, but quiet a sophisticated taste with herbs in the burger, of course an absolute no-no for a girl who refuses to eat any sensible food, who in the end swapped her half-eaten burger with all offending tomatoes removed and munched on my chicken Caesar salad!!  Nothing is sacred!

Before we left, the kids disappeared to the loo’s, only to return stating they were awesome, and requesting the camera.  This was the result, they were obviously well impressed and convinced it was in the best interests of Art, and something specifically for the Blog.  May’be I’ll have a few extra helpers over the summer months!  (not totally convinced it matched the decor of the restaurant though!)


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