Day 178 – Life with a BMW……

Sometimes you already write your blog post, have it all seriously thought through and ready to go, and then something happens to make you reconsider the most interesting part of the day. It still involves the heat (the original post was covering; sweating it out at the pool watching the kids, and worrying about over-heated chickens!), but my later and hence revised version is combined with a BMW…….
You see, my son and I are on the way back to the swim club (to pick up my daughter who is in the second training session), having snuck out of the oppressive heat post his training, to find dinner and drinks (which had to be very very cold).  He starts a conversation about cars as I point out the Audi A1 as one of my favourite little ones.  He pipes up, but Mum BMWs are so cool, have you ever had one?  And I replied yes, both Papa and I had them before you were born and for a couple of years after.  We pull up into the swimming pool car park.  And swing in next to a BMW.  2 adults are making out in 35 degrees heat in the front seat, in full view of another guy texting on his phone with a bored expression on his face.  We giggle uncontrollably.   Inigo at the thought that he was right, BMWs have such pulling power, and me at the memories of………..

Time to take a cold shower!



photo via;  BMW CO2 Modellfinder : BMW 318d Touring.

and bmwbonnetbadge.


One Response to “Day 178 – Life with a BMW……”
  1. Sjef says:

    Hmmm.. Naughty girl what have you done in your BMW :-))

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