Life after Lizzi

Just over 2 years ago I posted my dream list of things to do before my 50th birthday. I thought most were attainable, realistic, and a few a bit over the top (like swimming 50m butterfly which I now have to admit will NEVER happen!). But little did I know how much my world would … Continue reading

Day 323 – Playing earth mama (and big Sister)!

Saturday 19th November 2011. It’s lovely to have the opportunity sometimes to hang out with my daughter at home.  The moments are rare in our busy lifestyle, but today is a free day, with big brother on a ‘must have for school’ shopping trip with Hubbie, followed by a birthday party, so I can step … Continue reading

Day 270 – Autumn food in high summer weather….. world gone wild!

We’re in the mood for Autumn, but at the moment the weather has gone back in time to high summer!  It feels really weird to be shopping in our local market looking at gorgeous pumpkins and autumn veg, while the sun is cracking the pavements.  During my last trip at the weekend, I spotted some … Continue reading

Day 219 – DIY and oysters……..a perfect combination!

Two new discoveries this weekend……… a lovely result of only having one instead of two kids in the house, and hence the ability to focus!!.  Hubbie decided it was a great opportunity to work on our kids bedrooms, to update them from ‘childish and untidy fun areas’ into ‘cool and almost teenage’ dens.  And in … Continue reading

Day 217 – TGI Friday……..

It really felt like a long haul this week, so I am truly glad to reach Friday, and the start of the weekend. Our son is camping with a friend this weekend, so I can sneak into his bed and get a decent night’s sleep.  Our cleaner is due so the house may be a … Continue reading

Day 177 – Sunday Snoozing, I wish…..

Well that’s what we were hoping for.  We deliberately kept this weekend free of plans/engagements and general ‘any excuse to go anywhere but stay at home’ arrangements.  But of course, having rented out the 2nd floor finally last weekend, there were jobs waiting to be done (including the dreaded trip to Ikea).  Those were taken … Continue reading

Day 130 – my beloved Duvet Daughter….

Life around here often means that we help out friends when they need to travel for work, and vice-versa.  As most of us don’t have a family network to fall back on. it’s lovely to be in the position to help and to be able to ask for help, and I enjoy having extra kids … Continue reading

Day 129 – Hard line parenting

Yes, we’ve all been there.  Do we spare the rod and spoil the child?  Do we nurture and encourage or drive and demand? I’ve always shied away from the routine/discipline/driven approach and believed that a creative and caring environment will win out in the end.  A little discipline is not a bad thing, but not … Continue reading

Day 92 – Saturday was 25 degrees!

The temperature shot up today to 25 deg in Brussels, short lived but much welcomed.  It gave us a chance to get out in the garden and clean up, ready for the garden re-planning (although to be honest it’s never been fully realised in the 10 years+ we’ve been here). We’re battling with a very … Continue reading

Our Life 2010 (the summer months)…..

Welcome to the second part of our photo blog of our highs (and a few lows) in 2010!. The majority of July was spent in France, enjoying our time with friends.  No summer would be complete without some sort of trip there involving Doug and the girls.  This time he arrived before I did, and … Continue reading