Day 303 – Sunny Snowy Sunday …..

with no power, but heh, who cares when you’re in a winter wonderland, in Connecticut…..       the kids relax…… Hubbie chops wood, otherwise no fire! while I wander around enjoying the landscape….       and have time to chill and play with the camera up close…. Then it was time to get … Continue reading

Day 289 – Colourful moments captured on Camera today…..

…….  Sun-day at Flagey, Chickens at Home, and BBQ at the Verbeelens Perfect! ………. *** *** *** *** *** *** *** *** *** *** *** *** ……..

Day 247 – Feeling ‘Hot Hot Hot!’

The shock horror of last Sunday has still not quite sunk in. I have been claiming for months that I was going to restart yoga, but having failed to find something close by, I had been treading water on this one for a while. Then Anna piped up, ‘come to Bikram Yoga, sweat out all … Continue reading

Day 177 – Sunday Snoozing, I wish…..

Well that’s what we were hoping for.  We deliberately kept this weekend free of plans/engagements and general ‘any excuse to go anywhere but stay at home’ arrangements.  But of course, having rented out the 2nd floor finally last weekend, there were jobs waiting to be done (including the dreaded trip to Ikea).  Those were taken … Continue reading

Day 107 – Sunday at the beach….

The great thing about France, is it’s ability to make me forget how awful the drive is within 24 hours of being there.  Particularly when the weather smiles on us.  Sunday gave us blue skies and bright sunshine.  So much so, that I managed to burn my shoulders at Les Boucaniers (loud cheers of happiness … Continue reading

Day 44 – Our Sunday Walks

There is one great thing about Sundays in Brussels, you cannot do anything commercial.  You cannot shop in the High Street or the Shopping Malls.  You cannot do DIY, you cannot cut your grass or go to the Garden Centre, so therefore you cannot do anything but CHILL (or do something that involves croissants and … Continue reading