the bbq and the brits

boys and bbq's

What is it about the brits? As soon as the temperature rises above 10 deg we have brought out the bbq from its winter slumber,  and as soon as there is any promise of dry weather for more than 2 days we plan all our meals on it.

I don’t actually like burgers and sausages, and spend the rest of the year avoiding McD/Burger King etc, but there is some british thrill to getting the man on hand to take over the cooking, and incinerate everything (sorry Charlie but you did the deed today).  There is also something in our genes which stops us from using the kitchen for anything except the preserving/bottling/and baking routine, during the summer months.  Therefore Charlie had to BBQ this afternoon, and had to hide the floor ready sausages and the charcoal over grilled burgers from the kids. Well done, they still ate them, (and you ate the gooseberry crumble with gooseberry ice cream – a real man!)

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