Revealed – why gooseberry jam goes pink!

During our weekend at Camp Bestival, I got rather carried away with the River Cottage cafe concept. The food was delicious and healthy, and I had a chance to meet both Hugh Fearnley-Whittingstall, and a most lovely lady called ‘Pam the Jam’.  This was the opportunity to find out once and for all, why my … Continue reading

the bbq and the brits

boys and bbq's

What is it about the brits? As soon as the temperature rises above 10 deg we have brought out the bbq from its winter slumber,  and as soon as there is any promise of dry weather for more than 2 days we plan all our meals on it. I don’t actually like burgers and sausages, … Continue reading

Green grass and Gooseberries

So finally I used the last 2kg of gooseberries in a gooseberry crumble that will be launched on unsuspecting friends tomorrow, topped with gooseberry and elderflower ice-cream. I feel liberated by the fact that I can enter my kitchen again without having to delve through pages of recipes to find something to do with a … Continue reading

thila’s cup cakes, and various non associated little green things

So I have now seen enough green furry things to keep me going for a long while. I gave up on the gooseberries tonight, and went back to cup cakes.  These are from Thila, dedicated to her cookery pals at isb summer school tomorrow! (plus – I had a social life with my very interesting … Continue reading

Why is gooseberry jam always pink?

Sat behind my computer I wonder how I am going to go forward with this blog.  It’s already past midnight, the kids are curled up in bed, and as usual I have spent way too long surfing the net instead of doing the tidying up.  Guilt will kick in later as my beloved is in … Continue reading