Green grass and Gooseberries

So finally I used the last 2kg of gooseberries in a gooseberry crumble that will be launched on unsuspecting friends tomorrow, topped with gooseberry and elderflower ice-cream.

I feel liberated by the fact that I can enter my kitchen again without having to delve through pages of recipes to find something to do with a gooseberry.  And I am looking forward to a life without gooseberries for the next two years. But I do wonder what state my gooseberries in Holland will be in when we return to our dutch holiday home, (and equally worry about my apples/blackberries/pears and the lavender bushes) but realise that I have to let go.  I have gazed at the garden in Brussels and contemplated trying some veg, but that huge brute of a tree makes it clear that I won’t be able to grow anything delicious here.  (note – must get onto for a weekly delivery in future!).  The good news however is that for the first time in 5 years we have managed to grow some grass here – I mean the green stuff that crunches under your feet, not the stuff you smoke. So today we planted more.  I think this time (3rd time lucky) we might have got it right, as even as hubbie planted the seeds in the ground, the heavens opened and it rained cats and dogs.

So off we went for lunch, happy for the fresh air and cool breeze and the promise of more green grass.  And no more gooseberries.

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