Deja vous

Was I at work or at home today?  My days have begun to blend into each other.  Everywhere I turn there are packing boxes to load or unload, clothes and samples to sort out, decisions to make on what to keep and what to throw.  As we are sorting and moving at work, as well as combining two houses here in Brussels, I am beginning to think my future career should be with Britannia, the shipping business or with les Petits Riens (who will benefit from our sort out of furniture by the end of this week).

It is hard to get rid of stuff.  To be ruthless, when so many objects hold so many memories is difficult, but necessary.  Otherwise it is even harder to move on.  To a brighter and lighter future (particularly if hubbie gets his way and we paint the interior of the house white).  In the meantime the garage holds the ‘what if’ stuff, the shed the future of our garden, and the knutsel room the achives of the diy-holic.  And for the rest, I just keep sorting, hoping, and waiting for that bright new day. At work too…….

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