Birthday lunch….

My very healthy Birthday lunch!  Combined with a glass of water, Ginger tea, and a lot of vitamins and supplements to get over the dizziness and sickness of this week.

Oops, I forgot to add a candle!!

and for those keen to replicate my healthy ways…….



Lizzi’s Birthday Salad

raw spinach chopped

1 carrot chopped

1/2 avocado sliced

5 baby tomatoes

mixed salad nuts (inc sesame and flax)

lemon to dress

2 eggs scrambled in olive oil with some chopped spinach and seasoned with pepper.

-> arrange creatively on a plate, and sing to yourself…..  😉




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6 Responses to “Birthday lunch….”
  1. Mmmm… that looks delightful, the colours are so fresh!
    Have you not been well since you got back? you talk of dizziness?

    • unfortunately looks like I have a inner ear virus causing dizziness and sickness as I move, so lying down and relaxing as much as possible. finally also diagnosed with a lack of Vitamin D which has probably contributed to all the aches/pains/tiredness and flu over the winter. so time to relax and recover and build that strength back up again!!
      hope life is good down there?

  2. l.g.kay says:

    Happy birthday
    Mum and dad

  3. Happy Birthday Lizzie!
    You’re birthday salad looks absolutely gorgeous!
    I wish you many happy & healthy years to come.

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