Lunches last week

Last week’s spell at home with dizziness and sickness (diagnosed as an inner ear infection causing vertigo), forced me to look at how far I had strayed from a healthy diet.  It also highlighted how little follow up and help I had been receiving from my current Doctor, who finally bothered to tell me that … Continue reading

Birthday lunch….

My very healthy Birthday lunch!  Combined with a glass of water, Ginger tea, and a lot of vitamins and supplements to get over the dizziness and sickness of this week. Oops, I forgot to add a candle!! and for those keen to replicate my healthy ways……. …… ……. Lizzi’s Birthday Salad raw spinach chopped 1 … Continue reading

(Diet) Day 33 – Focus on the positive, and Sauteed chard with garlic

Although we’re off the full detox diet, we are still trying to keep on the healthy side of everything.  Hence this was the recipe we followed last night with our simply cooked fresh fish. Staying on the clear mind side of things has in the meantime been more difficult, but is an area I would … Continue reading

Diet Day 31 – It feels like Spring!

Yesterday, I was amazed to look out of the kitchen window and see a bright blue sky at 5pm at night.  After the snow days and grey days of the last 2 months (and the doom and gloom of the last week), it is a wonderful feeling to think Spring may be just around the … Continue reading

Diet Day 30 – A Lazy Sunday, with Chicken with lemon & courgette quinoa

I am gradually easing myself off the detox, while trying to maintain a healthy approach to eating.  After all, I am thrilled to lose 5kgs, but realistically my goal is to lose another 10kgs by the summer.  I will now need to add exercise into the routine, continue to stay off the cigarettes, keep the … Continue reading

Diet Day 29 – A day with my daughter, shopping?

The boys have gone to The Hague.  My son is taking part in a Band Festival, and was very excited at 5am this morning.  Yes 5am.  The bus was leaving at 5.45, so the Boys were up very very early. making lots of excited noise.  My daughter and I went back to sleep.  Well actually … Continue reading

Diet Day 28 (with a Vengeance!) – Chicken Curry

The scales showed the results of the wine and pizza last night, as I climbed sheepishly onto them.  I had that slight tingle of a wine induced headache, combined with the feeling that finishing my blog at 2.30am last night, was not such a good idea.  Luckily on checking the comprehension, spelling and general sense … Continue reading

(No Diet) Day 27 – Do you go with the flow, or swim against it?

This week was such a weird week.  My job changed again (with no notice).  My kids were sick.  My husband crashed the car.  A good friend of mine was sacked.  And there was this huge feeling of ‘lets end the week and move onto the next’.  Luckily for me tonight, I am off work tomorrow, … Continue reading

Diet Day 21 – the Soup Swap!

One great thing about the diet is how I have had to focus on finding fun, tasty and exciting soups to regularly replace my lunchtime ritual of Quinoa and Chicken.  I have found some great recipes, Spicy Parsnip and Pear, Carrot and Coriander, and Hot and Sour Chicken to name but a few of the … Continue reading

Diet Day 19 – Herbal Tea

When you are on a detox and have given up the caffeine fueled coffee, the addictive alcohol, and all those fizzy drinks, it’s quite a challenge to stay on the straight and narrow.  Of course you need to drink a lot of water, but after a while you feel like you’re drowning in it.  You … Continue reading