and the last surprise of the weekend was…….

April 22nd 2012 …… the fabulous wall art that Hubbie created for me at Christmas is finally on the wall in the hall……. …….. ….. woo hoo!  thanks guys xxx ……..

Birthday surprises……

April 21st 2012 Don’t you just LOVE Birthday surprises!  Even the simplest thought well executed with love, makes me go all tingly. This weekend just got better and better as it went on………. Flowers and presents yesterday evening   I just love the little trinkets that come from Tiffany’s (thank god for ave Louise, saves … Continue reading

Birthday lunch….

My very healthy Birthday lunch!  Combined with a glass of water, Ginger tea, and a lot of vitamins and supplements to get over the dizziness and sickness of this week. Oops, I forgot to add a candle!! and for those keen to replicate my healthy ways……. …… ……. Lizzi’s Birthday Salad raw spinach chopped 1 … Continue reading

Day 275 – Our Birthday Girl

It is my Darling Daughters’ birthday today (Oct 2nd), and I’m finding it hard to believe that it all started 10 years ago!  I can still remember the long painful walk around the car park, when the nurses were insisting nothing was happening and we should go home.  I still remember the surprise at her … Continue reading

Day 180 – Happy 1st Birthday to me!

Yes today’s the day!  One year ago I started with my first post.  Since then, I’ve become addicted to stats, while logging over 7500 views, and hitting 160 views on my busiest day this month.  I’ve covered Thoughts, Musings, and Dreams. Success and Failure.  Frustrations and Celebrations.  Passions such as Photography, Cooking and France.  Dieting … Continue reading

Day 110 – How many candles?……not possible!

Hip hip hoorah! and what a fabulous day! It’s lovely how easy and effective it is for everyone to send messages nowadays.  From my friends and family wherever and whatever, the birthday wishes came in, all day.  Via FB, email, sms and even real phone calls and snail mail (my family’s favourite!).  Pals from 20/15/10/5 … Continue reading