Birthday surprises……

April 21st 2012

Don’t you just LOVE Birthday surprises!  Even the simplest thought well executed with love, makes me go all tingly.

This weekend just got better and better as it went on……….

Flowers and presents yesterday evening


I just love the little trinkets that come from Tiffany’s (thank god for ave Louise, saves a trip to fifth in NYC!), and the Abercrombie sweat cardi gifted to me as everyone else is fed up of me nicking theirs!! (ok not Thila’s -> even my arms don’t get into her xs!!).

Today’s treat to myself was to make a yummy green juice (apple/ginger/celery with spiralina)

And Thila’s was to make me cupcakes

(not entirely without stress it has to be said!!)

However the result was fabulous and was the first time she has done EVERYTHING (ok excluding the washing up, but here’s hoping for next time!)

and while she was busy in the kitchen, things were thumping downstairs…….. more tomorrow



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